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The BusBar Specification defines the maximum power supplied to the electrical connections. It defines the maximum rating that can be applied on a circuit breaker, which will determine the safe operating currents. To get the best electrical busbar fitting, it is important to pay attention to some important factors. The specifications of the product state the maximum current of the circuit breaker, the maximum voltage that can be applied and the maximum over current of the busbar as well.

There are four major busbar specifications in the market today that determine the efficiency of electrical connection. The first one is the capacitance value, which specifies the reactance that is present in the conductor. The second one is the power factor, which determines the maximum voltage drop that can be obtained from the conductor when the current is supplied. The next one is the dissipative property of the conductor, which defines the rate at which it dissipates the power factor.

The busbar specification further consists of the bus ducts that need to be purchased for the installation. They come in different varieties. They have different thickness, different width and different lengths. The bus ducts may be constructed from various materials like iron, steel or aluminum. In addition, the busways may be made to comply with the power factor and the dissipative property that need to be met.

The bend rating of the busbar shall help you determine if the busbar shall be a low bending, a high bending or a neutral bending. The busbars that are low bending are used in areas where the bending needs to be very minimal so that there are less chances of damage to the machinery. These are also known as galvanized busbars. On the other hand, the high-bending busbars are used in areas where the bending needs to be extremely immense so that a heavy object can be fastened to them. These are normally galvanized so that the metal does not become soft when hot.

The electrical component of the busbar must also be carefully analyzed. It is usually found that the busbar must have a minimum electrical resistance. The reason is that most of the buses will be connected to heavy electrical components like the connections to the transformer. If the resistance is too high, the arc will not be generated. The other thing is that the busbar may also come into contact with the low voltage power cable so that the connection may become hazardous.

The contact surface of the busbar is another area to be looked into. Most of the busbars will come equipped with a flat or curved surface that allows you to install various different types of bushing. If you want a copper busbar, you can make a flat or lap joint that allows the copper busbar to be installed precisely. However, if you want an aluminum busbar, a flat lap joint would be a better option. The most important thing to be noted here is that the contact surface of the busbar has to be very smooth and clean in order to reduce the risk of the copper busbar becoming damaged due to corrosion.

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